lumi’s light and interiors trends for stand-out brilliance in 2018

The team behind the new lumi book are not only lumi’s designers, manufacturers and
its retailers to trade and consumers, they’re an illuminating resource on all that is

With a firm eye on the coming lighting and interior design trends for 2018, the lumi team is
perfectly placed to discover and predict which products will show stand-out brilliance
next year. Here are the key macro trends which will influence everything from lighting
and lamps to decoration and furniture



What’s not hot in lighting and interiors for 2018?

We thought we’d start with what is definitely going to be old hat and unfashionable in 2018. Gone is opulence: expensive looking chandeliers; bright garish colours and grand, eccentric, over-the- top design or detailing.


Naturally inspired interior trends take precedence

With concerns about the effect we humans are having on the planet, 2018 will be all about finding a harmonious balance between our needs and those of the planet. This ethos will herald a mix of nature-inspired colour palettes in greens, browns, greys, tonal blacks and whites and natural shades, combined everywhere with metal and wood accents.


Cozy, yet bright interior lighting

Interiors and lighting trends for 2018 are set to be juxtaposed in how they refer to themselves, and this one actually reads like a misnomer – in fact, it’s all about lighting areas without the often harsh light source itself being visible. Centrally placed, overhead lighting is the area that will be subject to the largest changes with this trend. Discrete lighting are the watch words here.


Divisive diverse lighting

This lighting trend is all about using light to allocate and divide spaces for particular usage. From small space to large open plan rooms, lighting will be used as room dividers - from creating reading nooks to bright work spaces with specifically targeted light aimed directly at the task in hand, so as to not ‘light pollute’ neighbouring spaces and affect ambience. The great beauty of the trend is that via variable configuration of lights – and even just the simple action of turning them on or off - means your space, no matter the size, becomes entirely adaptable and multifunctional depending on your need or want.


Designer Frugality

Another one of the juxtaposed interior design and lighting trends for 2018, this is all about frugality of superfluous additions in look and feel. Clean lines yes, but also a clean ethos is key here. In essence, what you buy and put in your home must be practical, eco-friendly and comfortable to create functional, pleasant and modern interior. But, the most important aspect of this trend as it must be quality. The ‘buy today, throw away tomorrow’ attitude is no longer acceptable, it must have the longevity associated with a quality product. And it must have second life potential – either when you buy it or for when you’ve finished with it!

We’ll be adding to our lighting and interior trends in forthcoming blogs – next time… the key lighting retailers and products for 2018. 

By Kelly Rogers

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